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  • This fantastic little coral frag tank was design custom by The Polyp Pros. The tank comes with mostly everything you need (depending on the option you pick) for plug and play!


    As a standard the tank comes with the skimmer, 1 sock, 1 156 hole frag rack, 1200 lph pump and all the necessary pipe. Below the removable sock plate, there is room for more media of your choice. The full plug and play option includes AI prime with the easy mount bracket extras shown below worth £289.49!


    Standard tank includes:

    • Acrylic frag tank
    • 1 movable frag rack (worth £100)
    • 1 Filter sock
    • A skimmer rated up to 200 litres
    • Necessary pipe and fittings
    • 1200lph pump


    AI extras are:

    • AI Prime 16HD white 
    • Prime easy mount bracket



    • Footprint 450mm x 350mm
    • Height 200mm
    • Volume 30 litres




    There is no heater or any additional accessories not stated with this setup.

    Also note tanks are built to order so it will take around 1 month to be delivered


    The Polyp Pros Frag Nano Frag Tank White with Black Back

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