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Welcome to our range of WYSIWYG coral! The coral you see in the picture is the one you will receive!


All coral frags come individually packaged in waterproof pots in a polystyrene box with a heatpack. All corals will be sent special delivery so please put the day that is best for you to receive the coral from Tuesday to Friday! Deliveries will be sent out within 3 weeks to best fit our schedule and yours!


All corals are cleaned of pests before delivery and kept in a monitored system to make sure there are no pests. From delivery we give a 1 week guarentee to make sure the coral has settled in your system. In the event of a casualty within this time frame we will require a picture of the dead coral alongside the order number emailed to us on


If you accept these terms please tick yes on this product and happy reefing! We will always try our best to help everyone out :)



Seriatopora Caliendrum- WYSIWYG

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